About Us

Head Down Products was founded by David Hunsucker and Lee Queen in a small shop in Powder Springs, Georgia. The Goal was to develop the most reliable and accurate AR15 in the market. This vision was created from a passion for firearms design, hunting, and the 2nd amendment.

Knowing that the forged AR platform has many inconsistencies in tolerances that lead to poor accuracy and reliability issues, Head Down made the decision to use CNC machined billet receivers in all rifles.

The first Head Down prototypes were given to range instructors, Law Enforcement, Army, Marine, Air Force and Special forces personal to run, and heavily abuse until they broke the rifles.

"We wanted to find the weak points and flaws in the rifle design. This allowed us to go back and sure up those issues. We thought we would get the approval of the hard users that truly depend on the AR platform to defend our country and save lives. Head Down rifles are great because we have constantly moved to improve our rifles every time we saw that we could. We strive to uphold quality and reliability at the highest level while delivering a product that is a great financial value. We make sure that buying a Head Down Product is a quality Investment each and everytime". - Lee Queen

The feedback Head Down Products has recieved from the testing over the years even for other manufacturers we have made rifles for have been amazing! Sub MOA accuracy, Flawless Operation, and quality craftmanship.

"This was not the waiving of some magic AR15 wand, this was the commitment of the Head Down staff. We had to punish ourselves just like we punished our rifles to put out the best products. We are still doing this every day" - David Hunsucker