Conceal Carry Package

Head Down Products is proud to announce our latest addition to our custom Glock family.  The G42/43 Custom Concealed Carry Package. This model is designed to give the shooter positive control in any environment. From the undercut trigger guard to the pin point stippled grip that’s aggressive enough for positive control but not uncomfortable to wear against your body. And the newest addition is our exclusive "Positive Grip" Cerakote finish for ultimate control when manipulating the slide.

Services included in Custom Concealed Carry Package:
  • Head Down Proprietary "Positive Grip" Slide Finish
  • Pin Point Stipple Grip
  • Under Cut Trigger Guard
  • Blackout Front and Rear Sight
  • Polish all internal parts
  • (Optional)
  • Hyve Monarch Trigger*
  • Tru-Glo Night Sights*