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Head Down Coffee Blends

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Product Description

Head Down Products is known for going the extra mile to provide a high performance, top of the line experience with everything we do.  That's why when we noticed that our regular cup of joe wasn't getting the job done, we had to do something about it.

Head Down is proud to release three outstanding coffee blends, guaranteed to provide you with the kick you need from your morning (or afternoon) cup.

Gun Powder is a caffeine loaded, high-octane, premium roast that’s been engineered to help you take on the day.  Whatever challenges you face, this blend will give you the energy you need to get the job done.  Gunpowder has been independently lab tested and shown to have a higher caffeine content than a leading competitor, who claims the "World's Strongest coffee". 

Blackout is a single origin dark roast that packs a punch.  Only the strongest beans have what it takes to be expertly roasted to the darkest point of no return.  Prepare yourself for a rich coffee experience that will have your mouth and your mind standing at attention. 

Patriot blend is a tribute to this great country of ours.  A tenacious combination of the best beans the world has to offer, boldly crafted to create a melting pot of flavor that is unattainable through single origin.  Patriot is a bold tribute to what makes this country great.

Suppressed is our special decaf house blend with a rich full flavor taste. Prepare your taste buds for an incredible experience.

Note: Gun Powder contains high levels of caffeine and is not recommended for those with cardiac conditions.

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