​5 Reasons to Purchase an AR-15

​5 Reasons to Purchase an AR-15

The AR-15 is America’s Musket; it is the do all general purpose rifle. It is the adult lego, allowing you to configure and reconfigure your rifle in any way you choose.

1. Lightweight

AR-15s are made of aluminum, with usually only the barrel and bolt requiring steel. This construction allows the weight of a standard AR-15 to be just 6.5lbs. National Match rifles add weight to the platform to better control the recoil; while others compete to create ultra-light rifles, often coming in under 4 lbs.

2. Portability

The AR-15 can break down into two parts a Lower and an Upper, held together by two simple captured pins and precision machining. Nearly any AR-15 lower can be mated to any AR upper, thanks to the precise tolerances of the system.

3. Competitive Shooting

AR dominates the field for of competitive shooting, Service Rifle, 3 Gun and Precision Rifle.

The rotating bolt to precisely lock the barrel and bolt independently to the rest of the gun allows for a high degree of accuracy in a semi-automatic rifle.

4. Hunting

The AR-15 5.56 is a great little varmint round, the low recoil and light weight lets you carry and shoot all day.

Thanks to the unique design, it is not limited to a single caliber. Switch out the Upper, and your 5.56 becomes a .300 Blackout, 6.5 Grendel, 6.8 SPC or even a .458 SOCOM.

A AR 308 Lower, the AR-15’s big brother, can become a larger variety of rifles including the 6.5 Creedmoor, and of course, the 308 is the most popular hunting round available today.

5. Protection

The AR-15 is considered the best firearm for home defense. It’s lightweight and minimal recoil allow any member of the family to use it in their defense with little training. The modularity of the system allows flashlights for positively identifying targets, in the dark of night. The ease of suppressor use decreases hearing damage.

The 5.56 round overpenetrates less than even a 9mm. During the FBI studies, they found 5.56 rounds have the lowest chance to exit a house making it the best choice for urban home defense use.