HD-15: OTG Endorsed

"The OTG Patrol Rifle Package was born out of a desire for Officers to have access to a Reliable, Affordable and Fightable Patrol Rifle SYSTEM.  We all to often see officers attend our classes with less than optimal rifles with either nonexistent or poorly selected support items. The base rifles typically are of 20+ year old configurations and sometimes questionable manufacture.

   The Head Down Firearms HD-15 has been designed piece by piece to complete a system. We have built a rifle that is extremely user friendly, reliable and is set up in a manner that allows the officer to fight effectively in any environment he or she may face.  

    Finally the rifle had to be affordable to individual officers and agencies.  The best equipment in the world is of no use if it is not in the hands of the officer when its needed. We have gone to great lengths to keep this Patrol Rifle within the budget of Cops and the Communities they protect.

     LE Patrol Rifles are deployed in some of the most critical situations officers can face. When that day comes make sure you and your officers are prepared and equipped to be victorious. The Head Down/OTG Patrol Rifle will hold up its end of the promise. "


Stay Safe, Stay Fast, and Train Hard

Bill Toy, Director of Training

OTG Tactical